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My Name is Briana Alvarado and I am 11 years old. I am in 5th grade at Gary Elementary School. I play an instrument that is called Vihuela and I also love to sing. I started playing and singing since I was about 9 years old. I have a grandfather who plays vihuela, guitar and a guitarrón. He is the one who taught me how to play the vihuela. My Dad plays armonia and trumpet. My dad and I wanted to create a mariachi ensemble to help others like me learn the Mariachi music, so we did. We called it, MARIACHI TRADICION JUVENIL. We practice twice a week on San Juan Bautista Church, located on 4555 South Kedzie and sometimes we perform in the weekends. I am a 3rd generation Mariachi in my family, which makes me feel very proud and special. Our goal is to pass this tradition to the next generations. I have been listening to Mariachi music ever since I was little but I didn't really like it much until my grandpa encouraged me to play the Vihuela, then I loved Mariachi Music. When I grow up, I would love to be a Music teacher to teach other kids our beautiful tradition of Mariachi music. My Family and I perform every Sunday at our Church, Saint Agnes, we are part of its choir. I love it when the people at church sing with us.

Thank you for taking the time to read my biography. I would love if you can sponsor me so with your help my parents would not worry about having to make this monthly payment to Mariachi

Most Grateful,




My Name is Melanie Martinez, and I am 15 years old. I play the guitar and the point of my life is Mariachi. It all started 2 years ago when I had lost my most beloved one. Music was the only thing that could bring me up, music gave me hope again, it gave me peace. That kind of music was Mariachi. I started to play Mariachi music at my Elementary School, Calmeca, where I joined the mariachi program and my adventure began. I believe mariachi music can't be expressed in words completely, it can be expressed as "Good Rhythm" or maybe "Love Songs", but when you play it is much different as what you hear. When I am playing Mariachi there is this feeling that you can, maybe, only feel with the person you love, it takes the sadness, the loneliness, it gives you peace, you feel how each note conjures with the notes you are playing. It creates connections, friendships, love, music changes you in every way.

Mariachi music has become my greatest passion, I fell in love with the guitar. I loved the sound of i. I loved the way it made me feel each time I hear it or play it. I love every beautiful feature of it. Guitar has a unique sound, it's like each sound of a strum, a chord, a string, a note can take you to a different era, a different world.

Aside from music, I have the opportunity to assist High School. My plan for my future career is to become a nurse, RN (Registered Nurse). My plans for my college and/or university are to study at least 2 or 3 years overseas in Asia. I would like to study in South Korea because I love every bit of it, its culture, its people, and its language. I have been studying the Korean language for a while now. My favorite subject in school is Math, which the teachers tell me that being a nurse is a good career for me to choose. I always wanted to be a nurse or doctor when I was little but finally decided that I truly wanted to be a nurse when I lost my most beloved one, my brother. His death made me think differently, I wanted to help people.

Now that I am in Mariachi Tradición Juvenil, I have had many opportunities to go in performances, meet new people, and create new lasting memories. In this mariachi we have all become a family together, we have made strong friendships. Now, I have auditioned for another mariachi, Mariachi Institute of Chicago, and I have been accepted to it. I would appreciate and love if you could get help into paying my classes at MI, this way I can help my family and especially you will be helping me to continue my classes there.


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